Archeo-Serwis was founded in 2007 in Cerekwica (Poland) as a result of international cooperation of a group of natural building and archeological reconstruction enthusiasts.

Since then the company has been continuing its dynamic development by constantly widening the range of services as well as the geographical scope of operations. To date, we have successfully completed projects in Poland, Germany, Austria, France, Holland, Switzerland, Scotland and Norway. A wide spectrum of services and products included in our offer has been shaped by changing market requirements and the evolving needs of our customers. Archeo-Serwis offers the highest quality cooperation in the following fields:

Rich experience gained through a successful completion of several European projects stems from the trust of the clients appreciating our activities build upon four key pillars.


Products of the highest quality and the best specialists constitute a guarantee of success. Our secret is a well-developed industry network ensuring access to the best products, ranging from reed to old wood, which in the hands of the best professionals in their respective fields gives a certainty of a long-lasting durability and satisfaction of our clients. The measure of our services’ quality is demonstrated by the fact that apart from the execution of private projects, we have been trusted by a wide circle of European museums and local authorities.


In our industry there is no better determiner of the company’s reliability than experience. Many years on the market result in our ability to undertake all sorts of projects, which are implemented by leading Polish professionals. Our know-how is an invaluable asset ensuring that our cooperation becomes a shared vision to fulfil every clients’ aspirations.

Competitive price

Budget constraints are nothing new to project managers. Being sensitive to this need, Archeo-Serwis offers flexible and competitive tailor-made solutions. We approach every new undertaking individually so be prepared for a nice surprise.


A new project’s implementation can be a complicated process consisting of many stages. For our client’s convenience you only need to create the idea and we take care of the rest. With great pleasure we will accompany you from first drawings, through archeological consultation and building materials delivery to laying the last brick. Together we can accomplish every goal.

Choosing Archeo-Serwis you can be sure of the quality of our work and experienced specialists. Check how convenient and cost-effective the cooperation with us can be.

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