Archeological reconstructions

Archeological reconstructions

One of Archeo-Serwis activities is archeological reconstruction. Thanks to extensive experience gained in the European Union, our company specializes in a wide spectrum of building, maintenance and consulting services, delivered by fully-fledged professionals. Museum owners and managers are welcome to get in touch with us regarding a number of issues related to their daily operations as well as development plans.

Reconstructions and Renovations

With its portfolio of archeological reconstructions, Archeo-Serwis has been widely recognized and appreciated by many European museums. We specialize in reconstructing objects from different ages using a diverse range of natural materials such as wood, stone, reed, straw, shingle or slate. Whether it’s design, delivery of materials or building a reconstruction, we are at your disposal at every stage of your undertaking. Furthermore, on a client’s request, we can provide old wood which is perfectly suitable for reconstructions and is unbeatable at capturing the zeitgeist. Having been in the industry for many years, we strongly believe that our cooperation does not end with a project completion. We offer our expertise when it comes to indispensable renovation work, which greatly contributes to the efficient functionality of museum facilities for many years.


We want our customers to enjoy the quality of building materials (wood, reed etc.) for many years and therefore we put a lot of effort into preservation. Our experienced staff guarantee our products protection for long years. We apply various methods of impregnation: both non-pressure and pressure treatments and the best preservatives, conforming to European standards. What is more, our company specialises in cleaning wooden and stone structures as well as natural roof coverings, which increases their longevity.


Archeo-Serwis has an inside out knowledge of the market thanks to an extensive network of museum managers it cooperates with. As a result our clients can expect an extensive analysis of a planned or already implemented project. After an insightful review of the situation we do our best to answer a number of urgent questions e.g. how to find a connection between the art of construction and the most faithful historical representation. Managing a museum requires skilful expansion planning and together we will be able to devise a complex and comprehensive plan of construction, development or renovation of an existing building taking into consideration all steps necessary in a specific timeframe. It will reduce the operating costs and maximize the benefits for the end user.


Successful activity of any museum is based on creativity and hard work of its employees. In recent years it has been a big challenge to capture attention of tourists who facing many alternative entertainment sources, are not very keen to explore their ancestors’ history. In order to address these challenges, Archeo-Serwis organizes tailor-made training focused on improving the attractiveness of visitor experience with an emphasis on young people as well as discovering an individual competitive advantage over modern ways of spending leisure time.

Archeo-serwis also fulfills every individual order and is open to your original projects. We offer the help of experienced designers, archeologists and other specialists who prepare essential drawings and ensure all goals are reached with attention to detail.

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