Design and consulting

Design and consulting

Every new project starts from an idea. Archeo-Serwis offers a comprehensive construction investment service encompassing the initial stages. After a thorough client consultation and field research, a complete technical documentation for a wide range of projects is provided.

We are at your disposal whether you are planning to build, redevelop or renovate an existing facility. Full documentation is prepared in accordance with current regulations and international standards along with the use of professional software by experienced designers who have all the necessary qualifications. Together with the client, we coordinate the progress of work providing him with technical drawings as well as architectural visualization.

Apart from the documentation, our offer includes implementation of the project through to its execution or on-site supervision.

Clients from Switzerland, Holland and Germany who have placed their trust in us can confirm that cooperation with Archeo-Serwis is a guarantee of the highest quality of services and ensures an efficient functionality of the building for many years.

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