Natural building

Natural building

In order to meet clients’ expectations Archeo-Serwis offers comprehensive natural building services of the highest quality. Contemporary trends in the world of architecture increasingly head in the direction of nature and constitute a perfect combination of tradition and modernity. Archeo-Serwis has for many years been consistently contributing to the development of this area of construction emphasizing the fact that buildings made of natural materials are an expression of health and natural environment awareness.

Health and environment

Taking into consideration an overwhelming amount of different artificial building materials combined with limited information about their influence on our health makes surrounding yourself with nature an obvious and safe choice. What is more, natural building utilizes commonly available mineral resources as well as renewable materials of plant origin which extensively reduce the burden on natural habitat and manifest concern about the wellbeing of future generations. Home is a place we spend the most time in. Let’s try together to make it as family-friendly as possible.

Building in harmony with nature

Living in a house which to a great extent consists of natural components gives a big comfort and noticeably improves the quality of life. Archeo-Serwis offers a wide spectrum of natural building materials such as stone, wood (including old wood) or reed. The highest quality of material sourced with the natural environment in mind is only the beginning of the road leading to a dream house. Archeo-Serwis professionals will do their utmost to construct a beautiful, healthy and functional building meeting all contemporary architecture requirements. We specialize in constructing houses (including holiday homes) and other buildings adjusted to our client’s individual style. The key to our success is creativity expressing itself in a skilful combination of your vision with unique characteristics of natural materials.

Preservation and renovations

Since our goal is to make sure our clients enjoy the qualities of their chosen material (wood, reed etc.) for a long time, we put a lot of effort in preserving it. Our experienced staff guarantee our products’ protection for many years. We apply various methods of impregnation: both non-pressure and pressure treatments and the best preservatives, conforming to European standards. What is more, our company specialises in cleaning wooden and stone structures as well as natural roof coverings which increases their longevity. Having gained extensive experience in natural building, we are convinced that our cooperation does not terminate at the end of the project. We are at your disposal when it comes to necessary renovation work, which contributes to many years of undisturbed functionality of our buildings.

Design and consulting

Every project starts with an inspiring idea which we are more than happy to discuss with you. Putting your vision on paper is the starting point for all our actions. Thanks to our experienced architects and designers creating blueprints of your place on earth becomes a creative and satisfying adventure. Archeo-Serwis is looking forward to accompanying you at every step to your dream home. It is understandable that some technical questions may arise during subsequent stages of the project. We are available throughout the whole process ready to share our rich experience and suggest the best technical solutions which from our experience, gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Relocating and dismantling of buildings

A number of custom and tailor-made services can be found in our portfolio. They include, among others, relocating and dismantling of buildings with an emphasis on recovery of usable construction elements. If you have ever come across a wooden or a stone dream house located far away from where you live, please get in touch with us. A fully-fledged Archeo-Serwis team will advise on the best course of action resulting in a house relocation. An extensive know-how, trusted professionals and reliable equipment guarantee the highest quality, which directly translates into a faithful replica of the original. If a relocation turns out to be too much of a hassle for you, we will do our best to capture the zeitgeist through dismantling the old construction and using its key elements (e.g. windows) in the new project. Utilisation of old wood in the new house can create an inspiring connection which will ensure a unique atmosphere for many years.

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